About us


Company owners

We founded the company Stock-Trade Industry, s.r.o. in 2011. We operate as a family business, which is based on a personal approach to our customers and employees. Thanks to this, we are able to respond to the wishes of our clients quickly, and above all flexibly. We started as a trading company focused on the sale of products for industry. However, the scope of our activities and customer demand has grown so much over the years that we have finally decided to divide the company into two divisions - the Sales division and the Cooperation division.

What can we offer you?

Division: Sales

We are able to supply our customers, in particular production, construction or assembly companies, with virtually any products they need for their activities. Our range of products includes everything from machines and tools to electrical or metallurgical materials, abrasives, welding equipment, fasteners, work tools, protective equipment, chemicals, industrial vacuum cleaners and garden equipment. 

Division: Cooperation

Do you have a lot of orders and can't catch up with production? We offer you the possibility of so-called cooperation - entrust us with some specialized stages of production of your products! We have a wide network of top partners from the ranks of engineering or locksmith companies, a reliable network of suppliers of raw materials and our own transport capacities. Based on the drawing documentation, we will produce practically any semi-finished product from stainless steel or iron for you.

Why work with us?

Personal approach

We are in constant personal contact with all our business partners. They can pick up the phone at any time and contact us with anything they need.

Wide range of Services

We will provide you with everything you need to run the company - from tools through protective equipment to construction materials or fasteners. We have all renowned brands in our portfolio.


Are you looking for a reliable partner for your project? All we need is the drawing documentation, and we will take care of everything ourselves. We will never leave you in the lurch!

Speed and Flexibility

Customers appreciate that we are able to process their order in record time - whether it is assortment orders or cooperation.


In our portfolio you will find only products of quality and proven brands. Within the scope of our cooperation, we also collaborate with competent companies, whose quality work we guarantee.

Own Transportation

We have our own fleet of vehicles. We will deliver the ordered assortment to your company, and we ensure all the transfer of materials and semi-finished products within the scope of our cooperation.