Cooperation Division: Why cooperate?

The market itself inspired us to create this division. We have noticed with many of our business partners that they do not catch up with production from time to time. And others had free production capacity for part of the year. We have therefore decided to connect these entities and create a service that we call cooperation. The principle is simple - for manufacturing companies we provide some stages of production of their products. We entrust them to those of our partners who specialize in the task and are able to perform this work in the highest quality. We thus combine a whole range of different professions and trades, for which we always guarantee the top quality of the final product. 

How is the cooperation going?

Inquiry and drawings

All we need is your inquiry and drawing documentation. Based on it, we will choose from our cooperating companies the one that will handle your order best. We know our partners well, including their specializations and strenghts. We can find a manufacturer that will not disappoint you. 

Input material

If you wish, we will also arrange the purchase of input material for you. We have a reliable network of the best suppliers of stainless steel and iron. Of course, if you have your own material, we will be happy to pick it up from you and deliver it to the cooperation partner. 

We solve everything personally

We will handle all processes within the cooperation with you personally. We are in constant contact with business owners, foremen and workers in production halls. You can call us at any time with anything. After all, personal contact has been the core value of our business from the very beginning. 

Range of services and technologies

What we can do: burning (water jet, laser beam, plasma beam), bending, forming, rounding, flattening, X-ray welding, machining (carousel, conventional lathes, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC horizontal milling machine), round and flat grinding, drilling , threading, deburring, edging, sandblasting, galvanizing and spraying.

We can transport anything anywhere

We have our own transport means, i.e. we will ensure all movement of materials and semi-finished products between you and the cooperating partners. If the production of the final product is in stages, your product can travel with us several times.

We can also do certificates

We specialize in iron, and especially stainless steel products. All stainless steel pressure vessels in which we participate are intended for foreign customers from the food and pharmaceutical industries and are extremely demanding on certifications. High accuracy and knowledge of regulations, that's what we can do.  

Why is cooperation beneficial for you?


If you have produced, let's say, 20 stainless steel pressure vessels a year, you can produce twice as many with us. It is because some of the semi-finished products will be prepared outside your production premises.


You will increase the volume of manufactured pieces without having to expand production, find and train staff, buy new machines and pay for their service, buy your own cars and pay for drivers... 


Our vehicles provide transport of materials, semi-finished products, or even the final products. While our vehicles commute between you and our cooperating partners, you focus on your business.


The speed with which we can ensure cooperation surprises our clients the most. We can do it thanks to our own transport means and long-term relationships with the partners involved. 


You do not have to communicate with cooperating partners (we provide all communication), or solve any problems or complaints (we will also take care of them).


We are the only guarantor of quality for you. We guarantee the fulfillment of deadlines, the quality of work performed and transport. If there is any problem, we will solve it for you.

What can we do?

Are your products demanding in terms of accuracy and care? As part of the cooperation, we worked on a wide range of products that had to meet the strictest standards and certificates. Most of the production goes to end customers from the pharmaceutical or food industry in Switzerland or Germany, who are famous for their demanding nature. We are able to provide you with virtually any modification of stainless steel or iron material.

Who to contact?

Jan Štoček

+420 777 240 173

Michal Strasser

+420 608 868 700

Josef Janecký

+420 739 022 295